What is a casino bonus online?

A casino bonus online is an incentive casinos give to players to improve their gaming experience. When you sign up at BC.GAME, you can claim not just one casino bonus but loads of others on our promotions page

For example, you can get a bonus of up to 360% on your first three deposits. Use these funds to explore all the games we have to offer. 

How do casino bonus offers work?

A reputable casino platform such as BC.GAME provides casino bonuses as reward mechanics to motivate gamblers to place wagers on the site. After creating an account, bettors can claim bonuses when they meet specific requirements.

The deposit match bonus is the most common welcome bonus, in which the casino matches your deposit up to a certain percentage. Moreover, you can also find no-deposit bonuses, which give you a small number of funds to play with without requiring a deposit.

What is the casino bonus requirement?

Wagering requirements are usually attached to bonuses, which means you must bet a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings you got from the bonus money. 

Wagering requirements vary between casinos, so research is always a good idea. Before claiming any bonus, always read the terms and conditions to determine whether or not you can meet the requirements.

Without wagering requirements, operators would go bankrupt if they gave bonuses to people who signed up and immediately cashed out.

Promotions vs bonuses: What’s the difference?

Most online bettors are unaware that casino promotions and bonuses differ. Promotions are special events that allow you to earn bonuses and other rewards. Most of these promotions are only accessible to VIP members, so they’re unique and exclusive casino benefits. 

On the other hand, bonuses are additional rewards given to you under certain conditions or once you’ve met the wagering requirements. Most gamblers, including new ones, receive casino bonuses.

Different BC.GAME online casino bonuses you can claim

At BC.GAME online casino, you’ll find a variety of casino bonuses and promotional offers to suit every bettor's preferences. With these casino bonuses, you can maximise your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. 

When you participate in our bonuses at BC.GAME, you can earn rewards such as BCD, a BC.GAME-exclusive currency. Get bonuses like the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, lucky spins and monthly bonuses. 

Learn more about the casino bonuses at BC.GAME below:

Bonus Type

Welcome Bonus

New players need to deposit at least $10 within 20 minutes of registration

300% deposit bonus

Deposit Bonus

  • 1st deposit of $30 - $400
  • 2nd deposit of $60 - $600
  • 3rd deposit of $120 - $1,500
  • 4th deposit of $150 - $3,000
  • 270% bonus
  • 300% bonus
  • 330% bonus
  • 360% bonus

No Deposit Bonus

Play mini-games

BCD coin and up to $3

Level Up Bonus

Earn these number of medals:

  • 5 medals 
  • 10 medals 
  • 15 medals
  • 20 medals

Get these rewards after:

  • 20 BCD
  • 800 BCD
  • 2400 BCD
  • 10,000 BCD

Daily Bonus

  • Do daily quests at the Task hub
  • Spin the lucky wheel

BCD coin

Weekly Bonus

  • An exclusive bonus for VIP 22+ players.
  • With a minimum wager of $1,000 during the period.

Your past week's wagering activity determines how much of the bonus you will receive.

Monthly Bonus

  • For the VIP players
  • Players who spend more time at BC.GAME with a minimum wager of $10,000

Depending on your wagering activity for the past four weeks.

Monthly = (Sum of Last 4 Weekly Bonuses / 2 )

Welcome Bonus

If you’re a new player, the first bonus you can claim is the welcome bonus. BC.GAME provides a welcome bonus to new players upon registration. When playing slots with a free spins feature, you can increase your chances of winning by using welcome bonuses. 

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus can increase your credit balance so you can place more bets. Our most generous offer is the bonus you receive after making your first four deposits. To qualify for the deposit bonuses, you must first deposit a particular amount into your BC.GAME account.

No Deposit Bonus codes

As the name implies, you don’t need to deposit to receive these bonuses. A no-deposit bonus is also known as an online casino free bonus because you don't need to make any transaction to claim it. 

BC.GAME Casino provides numerous bonus codes for free spins and no-deposit bonuses. Players can use these codes to play their favourite slots, table games, live dealer games, and other games.

Shitcodes are the best example of a no-deposit bonus. They are free coins that have no special conditions or restrictions. You can find these codes in special announcements and posts in the BC.GAME forum, Telegram channel, social media pages and threads. When you redeem a Shitcode, you receive coins.

VIP Level-Up Bonus

The more you play games and use our services, the more BC.GAME will reward you for your loyalty. We provide a level-up bonus for VIP-level members to receive bigger and better rewards as they progress.

Daily Bonus

Every day players can claim two bonuses daily: Daily Task and Lucky Spin. Learn more about each below:

Daily task

Finish small tasks every day and every week to get rewards. Just go to the task hub to see the daily and weekly quests you can do to earn BCD. Each task you complete earns you rewards from BC.GAME, which is added to your account daily and weekly. The bonus for completing these tasks will be shown right next to the task, so you'll know exactly how much BCD you'll receive. 

Lucky Spin

When you sign up for BC.GAME, you’ll immediately see Lucky Spin, where you can spin and win up to 5 BTC. You can also win altcoins here. There are three spin wheels available depending on your level:

  • The LUCKY spin - Available for Bronze and Silver accounts. Players can win up to 1 BTC here.
  • The SUPER spin - Available to Gold and Platinum accounts. Players can win up to 3 BTC here.
  • The MEGA spin - Available to Diamond accounts (VIP Level 70+). Players can win up to 5 BTC here.

Weekly Bonus

Weekly Bonus is available only to VIP 22+ players on our platform. It is published once a week, as the name suggests. Your bonus size is determined by how much you wagered the previous week.

The bonus amount will be applied to all wagering completed between 00:00 on Friday and 23:59 on Thursday (UTC). The minimum wager required between the periods is $1,000. Remember that the weekly bonus is wager-based, so the more you bet, the bigger the bonus. You can get a weekly maximum bonus of $50,000.

Monthly Bonus

Feel like you've hit the jackpot with this casino bonus! The monthly bonus is an additional fund in BCD rewarded to eligible players based on their VIP Level and recent gameplay. Although it's a surprise bonus for players, monthly bonuses typically arrive between the 15th and 20th of every month.

To be eligible for a monthly bonus, you must wage at least $10,000 across the casino’s games 30 days before the 14th. If you miss even $1, you won’t be eligible for the bonus, so keep track of your bets to get this VIP bonus. 

BC.GAME casino VIP bonuses

As a member of the BC.GAME VIP Club, you can receive the numerous benefits and promotions below:

VIP host

If you reach VIP 38+ level, you’ll get a VIP host and welcome present. Reach your dedicated VIP host through Telegram or our website's direct messages. If you have a problem with BC.GAME, you can contact this representative, and they’ll resolve your issue quickly.

Secret top-up

The secret top-up is one of the best VIP bonuses at BC.GAME. However, this is a top-secret bonus we won’t spoil at this time. But, to give you an idea, we'll give you an example: Suppose you had a poor run. Your host just might give you something to perk you up.

Luxury giveaways

BC.GAME values its high rollers, so we reward loyal SVIP players with luxury items and giveaways. You could win a Tesla vehicle, mobile phone or Super Bikes. Once you become an SVIP player, our team will contact you as per your stats.

Moreover, you can also win exciting all-expense-paid trips to the world's most exciting destinations and get free hotel accommodations. You wouldn’t have to spend anything—it’s all on us!


BC.GAME also provides recharge bonuses where you can get crypto rewards at specific times. Based on the intervals you've set, you can distribute this bonus throughout the week. You have the following options:

  • Daily collection once every 24 hours
  • Hourly collection of up to 24 times per day.
  • Flash charges up to 144 times per day.

You can request Recharge Activation if you are VIP level 22 or higher and have wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the last seven days. 

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300% Deposit Bonus


Find BC.GAME's friendly crocodile Coco and win fantastic prizes! Every six hours, Coco appears for a few minutes at random. Locate and click on him as soon as you see him to get your reward. This bonus is available to VIP Level 14+ players and above. 

Bonuses you can get at BC.GAME online casino

With so many different bonuses at BC.GAME, not all players are eligible for the same ones. Here is a list of the bonuses that new players or VIP players can claim:

Bonuses for new players

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Daily bonuses
  • Lucky Spin bonus

Bonuses for VIP players

  • Level Up bonus
  • Monthly bonus
  • Weekly bonus
  • HitCoco bonus
  • Secret top-up
  • Luxury giveaways
  • VIP host
  • Recharge


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BC.GAME bonus FAQs

Why are bonuses important?

If you want to entice players to visit your platform daily, provide casino bonuses that could give them an exciting gaming experience.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

BC.GAME’s online casino bonuses are one-of-a-kind. You can only find a lot of it here, where you can win big prizes every day.

How to take advantage of online casino bonuses?

If you want free money without depositing funds, take advantage of daily bonuses at BC.GAME, like lucky spins and daily quests at the Task Hub.

Which online casino has the highest welcome bonus?

BC.GAME has one of the highest welcome bonuses. Look no further because you can win up to a 300% deposit bonus when you sign up with us.