What are BC.GAME casino promotions?

The casino promotions offered at BC.GAME provides opportunities for punters like you to claim bigger rewards. Scroll through the BC.GAME Promotions page to find various promotions available for casino and sports punters on the platform.

Promotions for new punters at BC.GAME

New to BC.GAME? If you are, then be sure to explore the many opportunities to earn big rewards as you start your journey with us. You can do this by participating in the following promotions:

Deposit bonus

If you’re new to BC.GAME, we show appreciation when you make your first to fourth deposit on the platform. With this promotion, your deposit is matched for up to 360%. Check the tables below to learn more about it:

1st Deposit

Deposit amount

$30 to $80


$80 to $400


$400 or more


2nd Deposit

Deposit amount

$60 to $120


$120 to $600


$600 or more


3rd Deposit

Deposit amount

$120 to $300


$300 to $1,500


$1,500 or more


4th Deposit

Deposit amount

$150 to $400


$400 to $3,000


$3,000 or more


Quest Hub rewards

Through the Quest Hub, you can earn rewards after accomplishing a task. The tasks on the hub refresh frequently, so be sure to check them out regularly. Some of the most common tasks for new punters include setting up 2FA, verifying email, or placing a $1 wager.

Regular promotions you can enjoy at BC.GAME

Punters with a rank of VIP 0 to 13 are considered regular users on the platform. If your ranking is anywhere between these, here are the promotions you can take advantage of at BC.GAME:

Daily Spin on the Lucky Wheel

Each day you visit the BC.GAME platform, be sure to use your free spin on the Lucky Wheel to get a prize. This free casino bonus offers various coin rewards indicated on the wheel, such as 1 BTC, 20 USDT, 10.90 DOGE, 1,750 SHIB, and more. 

Bonus Code

BC.GAME routinely releases bonus codes on social channels like the forum page or social media pages on Telegram and Twitter. When you find a code, input it in the top section on the Bonus Dashboard to redeem your coin rewards.

Level Up Bonus

You can earn rewards each time you level up on the platform. This can only be achieved by players who wager on the platform and earn EXPs, so be sure to play consistently to increase your ranking.

Sports promotions

Various sports promotions launch depending on the ongoing sports event. These promotions typically reward you according to your wager on the sport.

Refer and Earn

As a BC.GAME player, you can claim bonus rewards by promoting the platform to your friends. You can make a referral by sending your unique code or BC.GAME link so that they can sign up. 

For every friend you encourage to register and play on the platform, you earn 25% of every wager they place. Send your link or code to many of your friends, and enjoy the rewards that come with it. 

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Exclusive VIP promotions at BC.GAME

Players who have earned 1 EXP onwards are already considered a VIP on the platform. However, more exclusive promotions await you as you climb the VIP Club ladder. Once you reach the 14th VIP level or higher, here are some promotions you can participate in: 

Hit Coco

BC.GAME has a crocodile on the platform named Coco, and you will see it randomly appearing every six hours as you play. This resilient little croc carries BCD rewards, so hit it whenever you find it on the screen.


VIP players from level 14 and higher can enjoy the Rakeback bonus on the platform. Through this, you can receive back a portion of your wagers as our way of thanking you for playing on the platform.

Monthly bonus

If you’re an active player on the platform, you are entitled to Monthly bonuses. This is our way of rewarding our most loyal punters, so be sure to play at Gamdom consistently to earn this reward.


VIPs on level 22 and up can enjoy the Recharge promotion. This rewarding bonus can be claimed by eligible players every 10 minutes. The rewards vary depending on your total wager during the last 7 days.

Daily Wager Contest

At BC.GAME, a portion of every bet you make contributes to the prize pool of the Daily Wager Contest. The players that make it to the top of the leaderboard will share a win in the prize pool with other top scorers. To climb up on the leaderboard, be sure to wager as much as you can. 

Master Medals

Achieving different goals on the platform earns you a Master Medal. With enough Master Medals collected, you can earn BCD rewards. Check the table below to see the prizes you can receive based on the number of medals you have:


5 medals

20 BCD

10 medals

80 BCD

15 medals

2,400 BCD

20 medals

10,000 BCD

The goals you can accomplish in exchange for medals on the platform include the following: 

Fearless One

You earn the Fearless One Medal when you lose approximately 15 BTC after wagering on the platform all day.

Chicken Dinner

The Chicken Dinner medal is awarded to punters who have won $10,000 when playing on the platform.

Loyal Player

When you’ve placed 10 million bets on any game on the platform, you’re a guaranteed Loyal Player. As such, you earn a Master Medal in gratitude for your loyal use of BC.GAME.

The Top Gun

You receive the Top Gun medal when you’ve reached VIP 33. Earn as many EXP by playing consistently on the platform to achieve this feat.

Call Me Richman

When you’ve wagered a total of $1 million or more on the platform, you receive the ‘Call Me Richman’ Master Medal.

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Benefits of casino promotions at BC.GAME

There are a lot of reasons why punters opt-in to various casino promotions. On top of the list of reasons are the benefits such as:

  1. You can win additional rewards

Through the casino promotions at BC.GAME, you can win additional rewards on top of your in-game wins. This makes gaming on the platform more fun since you can receive more than one source of prizes.

  1. There are casino and sports promotions

At BC.GAME, you can enjoy promotions for both casinos and sportsbooks. Be sure to check them to claim additional wins depending on the promo you opt in to.

  1. Allows you to play different games 

Some promotions require playing specific casino games to win real money rewards. This is an excellent opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try out games you haven’t played before.

How to participate in BC.GAME casino and sports promotions

Excited to join in on the fun? You can participate in the rewarding BC.GAME promotions we have by following these key steps:

  1. Sign up for the platform

Only registered players can take advantage of the many rewarding promotions available at BC.GAME. If you’re not registered yet, then be sure to click the green sign-up button on the top right section of the screen.

This will pull up the registration form where you must provide necessary information such as your email or phone number and password. For a quick sign-up process, you can also sign up by connecting your existing accounts on Google, Telegram, MetaMask, or WalletConnect. 

  1. Spin the Lucky Wheel

The first promotion you can try is a free spin on the Lucky Wheel, which you can enjoy even if you haven’t deposited it in your account yet. With this promotion, you can win crypto coin rewards.

  1. Deposit funds into your account

After spinning the Lucky Wheel, it’s time to deposit funds into your account. As one of the leading crypto casinos in the world, there is a wide range of crypto coins you can choose to deposit. This includes the top-performing coins, such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tron (TRX), and more.

To place your deposit, copy the provided deposit address of BC.GAME to your crypto wallet. Alternatively, you can also take a picture of the provided QR Code. If you don’t have crypto assets yet, you can purchase them directly on the platform using MoonPay.

  1. Check the promotions page for ongoing promotions

Before going off to play, be sure to check BC.GAME’s promotion page to find the ongoing promos you can join. You’ll find a variety of promotions in the section, often highlighting casino games, game providers, or sports events. Select the one that interests you the most and read the competition mechanics to confirm eligibility.

  1. Play the participating games

Once you’ve joined a promotion, check if there are listed games or providers you must play to gain points. If there are, then focus on those games to earn points throughout the promotion.


Does BC.GAME have a deposit bonus?

Yes. You can enjoy up to 360% bonuses throughout your first four deposits on the platform. Be sure to check the minimum deposit required to take advantage of this promotion.

What is BCD at BC.GAME?

BC.GAME has its native currency called BCD, which is typically used for placing wagers on the platform.

Are BC.GAME casino promotions free?

Not all casino promotions are free. However, some casinos offer bonuses and promotions that don’t have wagering requirements.

Does BC.GAME offer free promotions?

Most of the promotions at BC.GAME requires you to wager at the casino. However, there is a promotion called the Lucky Wheel which you can spin without wagering. This promo rewards varying amounts of different cryptos depending on which one you land on the wheel.

Do you need to create a BC.GAME account to participate in promotions?

Yes. All the promotions at BC.GAME are reserved for registered users. Create an account to claim the rewards of various promotions.

Where can I get BC.GAME promo codes?

Promo codes are often shared on various BC.GAME social media platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. It may also appear at BC.GAME’s online forum. Visit these pages routinely to find codes and earn rewards.