What is a casino Welcome Bonus?

A casino Welcome Bonus is rewarded to you when you create a BC.GAME account. This is to show you our appreciation for choosing our platform. The bonus reward is also a great way to encourage you to wager on your favourite casino games with lower risk. 

We provide various promotional offers at BC.GAME, starting with the Welcome Bonus. What’s great about this bonus is that after signing up on the platform, your first four deposits will be matched in bonuses of up to 360%.

Types of online casino bonuses

BC.GAME offers several bonuses to keep you coming back to the platform. Here are some of the most common bonuses you’ll encounter when playing at a casino:

Welcome Bonus

As mentioned, new players receive a welcome bonus as a ‘welcome gift’. This reward can often be used as an additional wager on your favourite games. 

Welcome Bonuses come in two forms, which are:

  • No deposit Bonus 

No deposit Bonus means there are no deposit requirements you have to fulfil. A casino with a free Welcome Bonus like this generally only requires you to register to claim the welcome rewards. 

  • Deposit Bonus

A Deposit Bonus requires you to deposit on the platform to receive the bonus reward. When it comes to Deposit Bonuses, you have to follow the required minimum deposit to be eligible for the reward.

Free Spins

Another exciting bonus you can receive is Free Spins. This kind of bonus allows you to spin the reels of your favourite slot games without the risk of losing money.

The Welcome Bonus you can claim at BC.GAME

There are two types of Welcome Bonuses at BC.GAME you should know before signing up on the platform. These are:

BC.GAME Welcome Bonus

When you sign up on the platform, you have 20 minutes after registration to deposit a minimum of $10. Once you do, you receive a 300% deposit bonus.

BC.GAME Deposit bonus

The Deposit Bonus has no time limit compared to the other Welcome Bonus. With this reward, you can claim up to 360% in bonuses for your first four deposits. See the mechanics below:

1st deposit

The 1st deposit you make rewards up to 270% bonus. However, the amount varies on the wager you place. Listed below is the bonus amount you can win according to your deposit:

  • A deposit of $30 to $80 makes you eligible for a 120% bonus.
  • A deposit of $80 to $400 makes you eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • A deposit of $400 or more makes you eligible for a 270% bonus.

2nd deposit

When you make your second deposit, the amount should equal the required minimum deposit or more. If it is, you can receive the following rewards:

  • A deposit of $60 to $120 makes you eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • A deposit of $120 to $600 makes you eligible for a 225% bonus.
  • A deposit of $600 or more makes you eligible for a 300% bonus.

3rd deposit

With your 3rd deposit, you can claim up to 330% bonus rewards. To get this, the deposit requirements you need to follow are:

  • A deposit of $120 to $300 makes you eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • A deposit of $300 to $1,500 makes you eligible for a 225% bonus.
  • A deposit of $1,500 or more makes you eligible for a 330% bonus.

4th deposit

For your fourth deposit, the bonus rewards reach as high as 360%. However, you should deposit according to the minimum required amount or higher:

  • A deposit of $150 to $400 makes you eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • A deposit of $400 to $3,000 makes you eligible for a 225% bonus.
  • A deposit of $3,000 or more makes you eligible for a 360% bonus.

Other bonuses you’ll find at BC.GAME

The Welcome Bonuses are not the only rewards at BC.GAME. On top of the 360% bonus you can receive, you can also get the following bonuses:

Refer and Earn

As a BC.GAME player, you can earn bonus rewards by promoting the platform to your friends and fellow casino enthusiasts. After successfully inviting someone to play on the platform, give them your referral code or link, so their account will be tied to yours. Once they transact on the platform, you earn up to 25% commission rewards

Bonus codes

At BC.GAME, we reward your continuous patronage, especially when you regularly visit all our social channels. This is what the bonus codes are all about. 

We often post bonus codes on our Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Twitter handle, and forum. If you’re among the many punters regularly visiting these channels, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to claim the bonus reward.

Once you find a bonus code, head to the Bonus page on the platform and input the bonus code to redeem your reward. 

Hit Coco bonus

BC.GAME has a friendly crocodile named Coco who randomly appears on the platform every six hours. If you’re lucky enough to find Coco the Croc while playing, click on him to earn BCD rewards.

Quest Hub

As a new player on the platform, you have to do many things to set up your account. At BC.GAME, we reward you with BCD for taking the proper measures to accomplish your account registration.

To claim the rewards, see the tasks you can do on the Quest Hub. As a new user, some tasks you’ll have to accomplish include email verification, account avatar update, enabling 2FA, and more.

Why you should claim the bonuses at BC.GAME

Casino bonuses level up your gaming with free rewards and credits. When you’re ready to claim them, these are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. You can place additional wagers

With our Welcome Bonuses, you can use your rewards to wager on games on the platform without any cost. This is an excellent opportunity to earn big rewards with your bonus.

  1. Allows punters to try new games

If you’re interested in trying new games but afraid of risking your money, enjoy risk-free betting with your bonus rewards. Doing so allows you to explore new games and discover plenty of opportunities to earn prizes. 

  1. Lessens the risk of losing wagers

If you’re a new punter, losing your funds with the wrong wager, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the games available on the platform. As a way to help you overcome this fear, we provide you with various ways to earn bonus rewards.

When you have enough bonus rewards, you can use them to make wagers without any cost to your balance. That’s why jumping on every opportunity to earn bonus rewards on the platform is essential.

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How to claim bonuses at BC.GAME

Excited to claim all the BC.GAME bonuses that await you? Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Register at BC.GAME

The first step is to register to claim the Welcome Bonus on the platform. You can do this by clicking on the green ‘sign up’ button in the top right corner of the website. The sign-up form then pops up on your screen. This is where you need to provide your email address or phone number and a password.

Alternatively, you can sign-up quicker by connecting your existing accounts on platforms such as Google, Telegram, MetaMask, and WalletConnect to BC.GAME.

  1. Deposit funds into your account

Once you’re registered, you can claim your first bonus by placing a deposit on the platform. If you deposit a minimum of $10 during the first 20 minutes upon registration, you’ll earn a bonus worth 300%. However, if you miss the deposit window, you can still earn up to 360% in bonuses for your first four deposits.

  1. Start betting

Once you have funds in your account, explore various titles from our array of categories, such as Slots, Table Games, and Live Casinos. Choose your preferred game and place your wagers to start playing. If you’re a sports fan, you can also wager on all your favourite sports on the BC.GAME sportsbook.

  1. Claim an additional deposit bonus

After your first deposit, remember that you still have deposit bonuses to take advantage of. When making your third to fourth deposit, make sure to deposit the required minimum wager to be eligible for the rewards.

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Does BC.GAME have a welcome bonus?

Yes. BC.GAME offers new punters a welcome deposit bonus. Once registered on the platform, you can claim up to 360% bonus rewards when you place your first four deposits.

How can I claim the Welcome Bonus at BC.GAME?

You can claim your Welcome Bonus rewards after making your deposit. Sign up to the platform and deposit the minimum amount to claim up to 360% rewards.

What are BC.GAME bonus codes?

The BC.GAME bonus codes reward users with BCD coins when they find them. Check out BC.GAME’s social channels, such as Telegram, Twitter, and the forum. These are the places where you can find random bonus codes posted.

Does BC.GAME accept crypto deposits?

Yes, BC.GAME supports various crypto coins on the platform. You can deposit cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and more and use them for your wagers.

Can I buy crypto at BC.GAME?

As long as you have a verified account, you can purchase crypto directly on the platform. To do this, click on your BC.GAME wallet and select the ‘buy crypto’ option. You can purchase via MoonPay using Visa or Mastercard. Once on the ‘buy crypto’ page, fill out the required fields to finalise your transaction.