What is a VIP casino?

A VIP casino like BC.GAME is a platform that offers a VIP program where high-rollers receive high rewards and exclusive perks in exchange for their patronage. At BC.GAME, we have 5 VIP tiers, each offering rewards such as Rakeback, no-fee withdrawals, and Coindrops.  

At our VIP program, the higher you go on the tier list, the better the perks you receive. That’s why you should continue climbing the VIP ladders to gain better rewards!

The VIP levels and rewards at BC.GAME

Find out more about BC.GAME’s five main VIP tiers and their rewards below:


Bronze Card

The bronze card is given to VIP members on levels 1 to 7. As a Bronze holder, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Roll competition

The Roll Competition is a promotion reserved for VIP 03 members. It’s a competition where players like you can claim a spot on the daily top 10 punters and get Dogecoin rewards. 


VIP 04 members can access the Tip feature to send crypto funds to their friends on the platform. This is a great way to share your wins with your friends. Additionally, if they’re also a VIP 04 member or up, they can also send you Tips when they win.

Secret Treasure

Another benefit a VIP 04 member can claim is the Secret Treasure feature. As a VIP 04 member, you are entitled to receive secret rewards with increasing value the higher your rank becomes.


VIP 04 members and up can also participate in Rain promos. With this promotional feature, you can earn raining rewards on the platform’s live chat. Interact with your fellow players, and watch out for rain reward drops every six hours.

Silver Card

Once you’ve reached 5,000 experience points (EXPs), your account is upgraded to the Silver tier, which consists of members from levels 8 to 21. Here, you can enjoy perks and rewards such as:

Send images in chat

As a VIP 08 member, you can send images in the BC.GAME live chat. This is a great way to communicate with fellow players if you use the live chat regularly. This additional feature allows you to communicate better with other punters if you want to emphasise something related to your gameplay.

Where is COCO

When you reach VIP 14, you can participate in finding COCO the Crocodile. Coco is BC.GAME’s pet crocodile, and you can find him randomly appearing on the screen every 6 hours. Since COCO likes to wander around, keep an eye out for him to earn rewards.


VIP 14 members and up can enjoy Rakebacks of up to 20% for every bet you make. You can win this percentage in-house commission regardless of whether you win or lose the round.

RB Booster

On top of the rewards you can win through the Rakeback feature, you can increase the percentage you can claim through the RB Booster. This bonus, reserved for members on VIP level 14 and up, can increase the Rakeback bonus to 5% for a chance to earn bigger rewards.

Gold Card

To reach the Gold tier at BC.GAME, you must meet the required experience points of 49,000 and above. Players that succeed become VIP members between levels 22 to 27. When you reach these levels, some additional rewards you can enjoy include:

No-fee Withdrawals

As a VIP 22 member, you can exchange your JB coins and withdraw your funds without any fees.


With the Recharge bonus, VIP 22 members can claim free cashback every 10 minutes. This is a great reward that makes your stay on the platform worthwhile.

Platinum Card

The Platinum Card is for members on VIP levels 38 to 69, which you can reach once you’ve accumulated 321,000 experience points. This is the second to the highest VIP tier on the platform, which means you have tons of bonuses to take advantage of, which include:

Dedicated VIP Host

As one of the top punters on the platform, you have a dedicated VIP casino host who will guide you and help enhance your casino gaming experience. They’re responsible for ensuring you have access to all your VIP rewards, including the lucrative welcome gift for Platinum VIPs.

Weekly Bonus

As a Platinum VIP member at level 22 and up, you automatically receive the weekly bonus every Friday. However, your bonus amount largely depends on how much you’ve wagered throughout the week. That means you need to wager a large amount to earn a bonus reward that’s just as high.

Monthly bonus

With such a high VIP status on the platform, you won’t just get a weekly bonus, but also a monthly bonus. Similar to the Weekly Bonus, the BCD rewards you receive depend on the amount you’ve wagered throughout the past month.

Increased Level-up bonus

When you’re at a VIP level of 38 or higher, your level-up bonus is much bigger than the lower card tiers.

Secret Top-up

Want to know a secret? As a top VIP member, your VIP host can help you top up after dealing with tough gameplay losses.

Diamond Card (SVIP)

The highest VIP level you can reach at BC.GAME is the Diamond tier. Once you’ve accumulated 921,700 experience points, you become a Super VIP member on the platform. This is the most exclusive VIP level you can reach, and you can enjoy exciting rewards such as:

Genie in a bottle

As an SVIP member, you can access your Genie in a Bottle, which will help you in your casino gaming as much as its abilities allow. This is similar to VIP hosts, except it’s exclusive to SVIP members.


Take a trip worldwide when you become a Platinum cardholder through the SVIP Trip. Through this reward, you can enjoy an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world. 

SVIP Life is Suite

Ready for a rewarding vacation? You can enjoy a stay at the most luxurious hotel suites in the world. This week-long trip allows you to relax, especially with access to amenities like spas, hotel shows, and more.

SVIP Party

At BC.GAME, we hold an annual party exclusive to SVIP players. When you attend the party, feel free to celebrate your big wins and high rank as a well-regarded high roller on the platform. During the event, you can also grab the opportunity to meet fellow high rollers and build connections among the big players on the platform.

Games you can play at BC.GAME VIP casino

Ready to reach higher VIP levels? Then read on to find out what casino games you can wager on for higher experience points.


Slots are one of the most popular categories at BC.GAME due to their easy mechanics and exciting features. With our extensive collection of VIP slots, you can enjoy various bonus features such as multipliers, free spins, megaways, and more.

Ready to start claiming big wins from our collection of slot games? Try out the most popular titles with big multiplier rewards, such as:

Table games

If you’re more interested in playing video table games, then you won’t be disappointed. Here at BC.GAME, we have various table games you can choose from, such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette. These are played similarly to their traditional counterparts, with the added benefit of playing in private.

Try your luck with these popular video table games here at BC.GAME:

Live dealers

If you want to play your favourite table games in real-time and with other players, you can play our collection of live dealers. Here, you can play popular table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, as well as various live game shows, such as Crazy Coin Flip, Dragon Tiger, and Deal or No Deal.

How to become a VIP at BC.GAME

Start your journey to becoming a top VIP player at BC.GAME when you follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Register on the platform

To begin climbing up the BC.GAME VIP ladder, it’s vital to first sign up for the platform. Click on the green ‘sign up’ button at the platform's top to open the sign-up form. Once there, you must provide your username, phone number, and password.  For a quick sign-up process, you can connect your Gmail, Telegram, MetaMask, or WalletConnect account. By doing so, you just have to click on the appropriate icons to initiate the seconds-long log-in process.
  1. Deposit funds into your account

After signing up, deposit funds into your account to place bets on your game choice. When you make a deposit, keep in mind that the platform offers up to a 360% bonus for your first four deposits.
  1. Wager away on your preferred betting option

With your account ready, head to the casino and select your choice of casino games. We offer games such as slots, live dealers, and BC Original games to enjoy. Alternatively, if you’re a sports fan, you can head to the sportsbook and wager on the ongoing sports event of your choice.
  1. Climb up the VIP levels

The main way to climb up the leaderboard is by placing wagers in exchange for experience points. That means you need to wager regularly to increase your VIP level. When doing so, you should also watch out for applicable promos offered on the promotion page for enticing events and promotions.
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How do I find my VIP status at BC.GAME?

At BC.GAME, gaining just one experience point immediately entitles you to a VIP membership. However, the higher the experience point, the better your level and rewards. 

To check which level you’re on, click on your profile which shows all the details, including your VIP level, your medals, and playing statistics on the platform. Alternatively, you can visit the VIP Club page for more in-depth information.

What are the VIP levels at BC.GAME?

BC.GAME has a total of 5 VIP levels, such as:

  • Bronze tier for VIP 1 to 7 players.
  • Silver tier for VIP 8 to 21 players.
  • Gold tier for VIP 22 to 37 players.
  • Platinum tier for VIP 38 to 69 players.
  • Diamond tier for SVIP players 1 to 55.